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I grew up with a clear understanding that education is an important part of becoming successful. At the age of twelve my education came to standstill. Due to my personal situation and the circumstances surrounding my family dinamics at the time, I became informally orphaned. Being I had no legal guardian to enroll me into highschool, continuing my education had to wait…

On my own with no clear direction, I lived day to day. I began working at the age of fifteen in order to support myself. The next thing I knew years passed and still no education. Once I became of age, I was working and did not have the time for school.

At the age of 25 I was thriving at a great company. Within the first year I received two promotions and pay raises. It seemed I was working my way up the corporate ladder and I was proud because ny hard work and determination was paying off.

Two years later a Supervisor position had become available in the organization. My direct supervisors encouraged me to apply because I was the ideal candidate for the position. I applied and was denied. Apparently a few employees disliked me to the extent they reached out to the corporate office because they feared I would get the position. These employees lacked some of the major qualifications but because they knew I did not have a high school diploma, they felt I should not get it either. The worst part was that corporate was going to give me the position anyway but the employees threatened to take action because the job posting clearly stated a high school diploma as one of the requirements.

Emotionally, I was a wreck, I worked very hard to learn concepts out of my job responsibilities in order to learn the things necessary to perform at the next level. All of the work I put in to be considered and I felt helpless, these employees only had the power because of what I did not have. So after the water works passed, I dusted myself off and decided at that moment that this would never happen again.

That very evening I made a trip to Barnes & Noble to purchase the GED preparation guide. I then called and scheduled my test date for a month later. In mid May of 2005, I had a High School Diploma and the excitement was overwhelming. By mid June 2005 I was a college student. I was proud and dedicated to keep going. I felt like I had just regained control of my destiny determined to give it my all but life has a way of complicating things..

Three months later, in September of 2005 my brother committed suicide and I completely lost the grip I had on my life. Just like that my determination and strength was deflated…I needed some time, so I stopped going to college. A year later I lost my job and decided I needed some time off to figure things out.

I took a year off work and school. I focused on taking care of myself because I have a son that needs me to be at my best. After my break, I searched for employment. I became the service manager at a repair facility and a year into that position I decided I was ready for school. This time I promised myself I would not stop no matter what, so I didn’t and I kept pushing…

I am curently under three weeks away from completing all the actual school work. On Monday, I secure my spot in the graduation ceremony atThe Verizon Center in Washington, DC in June 2012. It is so close and as each day passes, the excitement grows and the anticipation is darn near unbearable that at times it seems like a dream…

I know some may feel I am being way too Cheesy but I don’t really care. I didn’t have an ideal upbringing, I didn’t have a support system and although my life has not been easy, anything is possible. I have been on my own since I was twelve and no matter what life threw at me, Gosh darn it, I made it through more determined than before.

sO no matter what life throws your way, If I did it, anyone can do it as long as they have the main ingredient: