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I LOVE WRITING!!! Ok Ok so not so much of a secret to some, but I need that to be known. As far back as I can remember… I loved poetry. I loved the magic of words and the fact there is more than one word with the same meaning. I was always proud that I never received a complaint for being repetitive in writing. Basically, at an early age I understood the power of words, their synonyms and antonyms. All thosee things most kids hated about grammar/english, oh I loved it, I found it intriguing. My ability to express myself through words has changed my life. Whether an inspirational or a sad and depressing piece, they all have helped me grow. I write because it is my therapy. I can be me and no one can filter me. I love the freedom of writing. It is awesome. Even if not for profit, writing heals. It has healed me in the past and continues to be a coping mechanism. It is not for everyone and it does not make one better than another, it simply serves as an out, its a perspective.;… Oh that opens the doors for the discussion doesn’t it? That is one thing I love about writing, evoking emotions whether in agreement or disagreement….discussion nonetheless… Words are powerful. I know how powerful they are. I want to inspire with my words. I want to encourage change with my words…. But it seems that no matter how much I want that, I can’t get there. Damn, I feel restrained, held back, I just want to write. But writing for the joy of writing is not paying the bills. The stress I carry is overwhelming. It is to the point I don’t get to write as often as I would like. One thing every writer needs is a time slot to write in an environment where they can be productive, I don’t have that. I can’t make that happen because my responsibilities do not allow. At times I feel like I am at war with myself. I know what will make me happy but I still have responsibilities that take precedence. There are always things more urgent than my wanting to write. That is the reality of life but that does not mean that it goes without effect….I know how to prioritize but I fear that because I have bigger priorities, I may miss my chance at one of my biggest dreams….. To be a a writer…..