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 When I look back and think of the people who I was growing up with or around, I notice a big difference between them and the generations since. I learned early on that some qualities are very important because it can say a great deal about a person’s character. Respect, Honesty and Loyalty were three very important values to have. You knew who had it and gave it and you also knew those that didn’t. The funny thing is, that none of those values could be learned, if one didn’t at first learn, the value of their own word….

I am grateful to have been blessed with the opportunities to learn those lessons. Remember the phrase, “The older you are the wiser you get.”. I remember dismissing that statement, pure ignorance… Now I know it to be true, although that is not the case for everyone (some people never mature, or mature considerably late). One has to be willing to encourage and embrace growth and that takes time which leads to wisdom. O.K, I am getting off subject…Anyway…

As far back as I can remember, my word has always been very important to me. I always appreciated the trust I developed between me and those with which I interacted with. I appreciated it so much that I was loyal to and respected them to the best of my ability. I have made many quality friends and family everywhere I have lived and that is a reflection of my character. Don’t get me wrong, I have ruined plenty of relationships because to err is human and I am far from perfect. I have learned from those experiences and I can say, that today, I give every relationship my all, whether it be a friendship, romantic relationship, family relationship,etc. Those that I love and hold dear, know it. I believe the quality of my word has made that all possible.

Today, I realized just how powerful my word can be. I have got to say, I am full of gratitude to all of those that value my word. It has formed strong bonds that I am convinced will last a lifetime because the impact it has had on my life, will last forever! My word is and always will be important to me and as long as I can remain true to that I can remain true to myself and those with which I interact…. 





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