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I have been in a dark place for some time now. I can see the light yet here I am consumed by this darkness. As I reflect on the things that have kept me at a standstill, I have realized much of this is my very own doing. I have lowered my standards; compromised myself; enabled others to take advantage of me and all in the name of loyalty… The worst of all infractions I have committed against myself; believing that as long as I do right by others they will do right by me . I failed to account for the fact that not everyone has a moral compass. I have lost myself in trying to accommodate others, in remaining silent and in allowing this to have gone on as long as it has. From this moment forth I will not put my faith in others instead I will invest that faith in myself….

I know I have a long journey ahead but at least I know where to start. I start with me, with taking care of me and getting myself out of this darkness. I am well aware that my happiness is in my own hands. I am ready to embrace it. Two days ago I began my 22 day journey to reorganizing and removing the clutter from my life. I believe the first week will be the most trying but once I make it passed this point  I am sure the rest will come with more ease. Breaking a habit is never simple but here I stand today dedicated to myself first and I will begin each day with that in mind….

I began this new journey with a list of things I refuse to accept in my life because what I allow into my life is completely within my control. If I truly want to benefit from this journey I must be honest with myself during those periods of reflection. I will not hold back. I will not compromise who I am. I will not allow myself to be manipulated. I will not allow my life to be based on lies. I will not hide who I am. Moving forward, “I Matter To Me”!!!!!!