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Love is such a powerful emotion,

It can bring people together,

and it can tear people apart….

Oh but when love is good,

It is wonderful…

It can be seen through one’s eyes,

through one’s actions,

And most of all through one’s devotion…

The funny thing about love….

Once experienced,

nothing can erase it,

No amount of pain,

 Can diminish it,

All it can do,

Is suppress it, hold it back,

contain it….

At the end,

Love overcomes many things,

And those tribulations,

Oh they serve to test that love,

Nourish that love,

And most of all,

Strengthen that love….

There is this purity to love,

That words can’t define,

It’s this unspoken truth,

which can only be felt,

It surely,

Can not be described….



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Simply Sinncere

Time can very easily be taken for granted. Oftentimes, a tragedy occurs before we realize that time is truly limited. When my brother died, I remember thinking, “If only I could have just one more minute to…”. We never think the last time will be the last time because we forget that everyone’s time will come.

The last day I spent with my brother was the first time I met his twins, beautiful babies, and he was full of so much joy. He was so happy that when he introduced me to his two new babies, he lit up like a Xmas tree. We spent a few hours together, had a few drinks and watched “The Bad Boys of Comedy”. It was a great day.

Life keeps us busy with our responsibilities and at times no matter how short the distance it can be weeks before you see each other. I never…

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Simply Sinncere

I watched a radio interview of Mary J. Blige today. In this interview she was asked what advice she would give to young people, her response:

Just believe in yourself when nobody else does. Especially when people don’t believe in you, they don’t believe you have it. You know what you have. You know who you are. Believe, That’s it!

I found this advice to be great, simple and to the point. Refreshing. Then I got to thinking and realized it is not at all that simple. Getting to know who you are is hard work. Looking deep within yourself to bring out the person you truly are at the core takes time.

As we experience life and develop, we begin to change due to those experiences. Heck, I just found myself and I am thirty one years old. It will come at different times for different people and that is…

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Simply Sinncere

Originally written 12/08/10

Dear Son,

When I first laid eyes on you, I cried tears of joy. Here you were, this tiny little bundle, how could you instantly change my life? The maternal instinct was immediate and the love was simply humbling. That day was the first day in my life I felt alive and I have been living ever since… You have given me the drive to fulfill my destiny, for you, for me, for us. You give me the strength and courage to face the world head on. With your help, I have grown so much, as a person, as a woman and especially as a mother. I owe you my life and that is a debt I will gladly repay… I live for you, I live because of you, and when the day arrives where I am no longer here physically, don’t ever forget that I will…

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What Do You See


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One’s eyes can speak,

louder than one’s voice,

For the depth of one’s heart and soul,

is reflected,

in their eyes…

If you stare into mine,

this is what you will see…

The trust that will sustain our friendship,

and make it stronger,

The respect you deserve,

As it was earned…

You will see,

The loyalty I bestowed upon you,

because I love you,


The shoulder to lean on

at times of sorrow…

My eyes will also relfect,

The lust that will keep you

forever satisfied,

And the heart that will love you,



As long as I see

The same in your eyes….

So What Do You See???


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Originally Written 2009 ©


In life,

one will engage in many battles,

In order to survive such battles,

one shall invest in an arsenal of knowledge

gained through ones own experiences…

For victory,

shall not be measured by the amount of

survivors nor casualties,

but by the knowledge obtained throughout the war…


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Alone Again


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Originally Written 2009

Alone Again

The optical phenomenon is gone,

But the emotions remain

Since the mirage has vanished

A dream has surfaced…

A couple of “Good Morning’s”

The kids awake,

A few “Have a Nice Day’s”

And their off to school…

A warm welcome after a hard days work

A bunch of “Hello’s”

And Just as many “I Missed You’s”

An overwhelming amount of “I Love You’s”

And, It’s all a blur…

As I wipe the cold out my eye,

I realize,

that I am Alone,



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Originally written 2002


I awaken with no one by my side,

I need comfort…

Yet I can’t seem to find it,

I am alone,

attempting to survive,

Survive this desert that is life…

It’s mirage of happiness,

tends to make me thirst,

It makes me thirst for the things that might offer peace of mind…

This mirage,

from a distance,

is bright,

yet as I approach it,

It seems to pull away,

but why?

Why can’t I ever reach it?

Why is it so far within my grasp?

It’s slippin!!

Where is it going,


“DON’T GO”!!!

It’s gone…

And once again…


Sinncere Copywritten 2002

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Smile Cuz You Deserve To


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     They say the only make up a woman needs is a smile on her face, I agree. I would add a smile is just as pleasant in a man. Walk into a room with a frown and you are unapproachable but walk into that room with a smile and the possibilities are endless…

      Everything in everyday will not be perfect yet that does not mean our demeanor should reflect it. The minute our eyes open in the morning, we should smile. For many were not as fortunate. The minute we awaken we are provided another chance to make a difference, to impact lives and to leave our mark! So smile cuz you deserve to…

      Instead of dwelling on what you wish you had, be grateful for what you do. Count your blessings and not your failures. Find joy In what you have because there is no success without failure.

      When you are hurt or sad, call that friend that always makes you laugh. We all experience it but we don’t have to get through it alone. Eventually you will feel better and that will be the reason you smile…

cuz you deserve to…


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